A story of TINCT



We pursue Eco-friendliness, but never fail to suggest wannabe trend to people around the globe.  Professional Nail Brand TINCT's root is about "Beauty within Nature" that reflects its pureness. We long for ultimate beauty that is elegant, natural, and controlled, but not excessive.

TINCT is professional nail brand that applies sense of nature's pureness to its line of products.  That same sense of nature's pureness is also kept for well-being of our users & nature surrounding us .                                 

Miss H.

Founder of Tinct Cosmetics


Tinct's root starts in New York, where many are calling the heart of the fashion industry.

We don't believe nail polish is just an option, we believe is a Must have Fashion Item. By having manufacture in New Jersey that is operated by our Chief Sales Office who truly is a New Yorker with a tremendous amount of industry background, we try to be on our toe for fashion trend.


Chicago is where our C.E.O's customer service & trendsetting skill shined. After many years in New York with trials and errors, our C.E.O moved her nest to Chicago. The windy city, where people are known for their conservatism. There, she became one of the pioneers who introduced high-end luxury salons that converted & attracted many Chicagoans to the real luxury spa experience. She opened up the chain of salons all over Chicagoland & business was successful. With that saying, one can say Tinct is a company with hands-on experience that actually knows necessities for our customers.

The main office of Tinct is located in Los Angeles

Our C.E.O and C.S.O had a vision. That vision was to launch a brand that produces a safer product for all user of her product. She has now moved her territory to west-coast where is known for being an organic heaven. Her dream of making an organic product that truly cares about the next generation which lots of companies have given up will be accomplished here. Combined know-how and sense of adopting a new fashion trend, Tinct will pursue our dream of becoming the industry leader in making the minimal toxic product.